IDA strongly encourages anyone who becomes aware of a potential issue under IDA's Code of Business Ethics and Conduct to report any information of which they may be aware, either through the use of this form or by discussing the matter directly with an IDA supervisor. Please review the guidance below for examples of the types of issues that could be reported using this form.

NOTE: Use of this form is MANDATORY for all IDA employees with supervisory responsibilities who become aware of a potential concern under IDA's Code of Conduct, regardless of the source of the information being reported or whether the matter at issue has already been resolved via separate channels.

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IDA is responsible for taking prompt and appropriate action in any case where it becomes aware of potential misconduct, malfeasance, or inadvertent errors related to its Code of Business Ethics and Conduct. IDA believes its obligation to do the right thing when faced with these issues is just as important as satisfying its legal obligations to investigate, address, and (where necessary) report any such problems. While not an exhaustive list, these problems could include: